Miles For Midwives!!

Saturday October 19, 2019 9am-1pm

I am personally involved in planning this wonderful event that helps support birth in Washington State and the local non-profit Families of Color – Seattle.

Better yet, Rohan and I are run/walking!

Join us on Oct. 19th at Marymoor Park for a family-friendly run/walk 5K! Strollers and leashed pets are welcome to join in on this community enriching event!

Register for the race at

To learn more about Miles for Midwives please visit our website:

We are also looking for sponsors. If you are interested or know a business who might be, please let me know.

I would LOVE to see you and your family/friends there – Please spread the word!


Velodrome Shelter at King County’s Marymoor Park
6046 West Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE
Redmond, WA US 98052

Join us for the MAWS Clinical Update!

We are getting together on Thursday September 26th to discuss new changes to our laws and legend drugs for Licensed Midwives in Washington state.

If you are a midwife, an aspiring midwife, or other birth attendant serving families in WA State, please come learn more about how this affects midwives, their support teams (including doulas), and families! #washingtonmidwives

Grief Work is Life Work

Got a chance to talk at the Breastfeeding Beyond the Hospital Stay conference this week in Seattle. No action shots this time😏



One of my favorite things to delve into right now is our secondary trauma as caring professionals. The grit and the sheer will that has to be part of our sustainability. And the burnout that often follows. .

Maybe it sounds grim. But this is what juicy to me right now. Watching my own rise and falter under stress, trauma, and grief. And doing exactly what my grandmother (one I never met as she died related to pregnancy loss) told me in a dream. “Your work is to heal the grief of our family.” .

I don’t even pretend to heal anyone else’s grief. But I hope that talking about it, saying it aloud, helps others do their work 💔💖

#griefworkislifework #griefworkismywork #traumacareforcaringpeople #wedontgetoutoffthislifealive

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Eastside Natural Medicine is making changes

Many of you have had the opportunity to be in the (relatively) new space in the last five months and not only are we staying put, we are expanding! Beginnning July 1st we will be taking over Suite 104 and with this expansion will come some new faces….

In addition to Eastside Natural Medicine and my practice, there will be another family practice naturopathic physcian, a nurse midwife and lactation consultant, a massage therapist, a reiki and energy pracitioner, and nutritionists. All of these wonderful people are ‘hand picked’ and I am excited to have them in one place to serve all of you. I will introduce them all to you more formally come July, their bios will appear on the Eastside Natural Medicine website, and there will be an Open House to meet everyone in person.

In addition to new practitioners, you will also get to know Chelsea and Micki, who will greet you, speak with you when you call, and generally help me keep the sailing smooth. There will also be a classroom onsite where we will be hosting parenting groups, breastfeeding drop-in clinics, craniosacral therapy drop-in clinics, family nutrition classes, and more.

Welcome to the next phase of Eastside Natural Medicine!
See you soon, Dr. S

Eastside Natural Medicine is moving…next door!

Hello! I want to let you in on some exciting developments in my practice…

I have taken a new space just one door down from the Puget Sound Birth Center, in the same building. I am excited about this new space, and having expanded days and hours to make myself more available for all of you! I will start seeing clients in this new space beginning December 15th. Please make note of the changes to the suite number, phone number, and fax number:
– Suite 104 with Inland Medical (instead of Suite 101)
– 425-814-2045 phone
– 425-814-2783 fax

I look forward to seeing you soon in my new space!

September Vaccination Workshop

I am currently planning to offer the Vaccination Workshop this fall on Thursday September 29th from 6:30-8:30pm at Herban Wellness in Kirkland, WA (  In the past this workshop has been a great way to make sense of and discuss the current vaccination recommendations, the concepts of public vs private health, and ways for families to prepare and make decisions regarding this controversial topic. 

To register, please email me at  The cost per person will be $15 or $25 per pair/couple and will include handouts, resources, snacks, and beverages.  The workshop will be limited to 12 participants to ensure that we have the time and space for discussion and questions.

I look forward to seeing you there!

For more information about Dr. Sunita and Eastside Natural Medicine, please visit:

Back to Work…

Starting March 21, 2011, I will be back at the helm of Eastside Natural Medicine!  It has been an incredible experience to be home with Rohan and Jean-Paul as our family evolves and falls in love.  I am very grateful for all of your support, patience, and generosity. 

I am also very grateful for Dr. Elias Kass.  Without him,  having this much time to be home with my family would have been nearly impossible.  His willingness to dive in, his steady presence, and incredible breadth of knowledge have been invaluable to me and many of you.  It was much easier to step away knowing that you were held by such capable hands. 

As of the 21st, Dr. Elias will no longer be fielding phone calls, pages, or emails for my practice.  If you are attempting to contact me, please use the contact information on my website:  For those of you who would like to keep tabs on Dr. Elias, visit his website:

Stay tuned for the 2011 Workshop Schedule, articles on current health topics, and some of my own musings on pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting as a naturopathic doctor and midwife.  See you soon, Dr. Sunita

Our little one has arrived!

Rohan Ovila Iyer Boisvert joined us on Friday January 28, 2011.  We have all been having an incredible time getting to know one another in our timeless, surreal postpartum world.  Thank you all for your warm wishes! 

See you soon, Dr. Sunita and family

Maternity Leave Plans

Dear past, present, and on-the-way clients of Eastside Natural Medicine, 

            As many of you have heard (or seen), I am expecting a little one in January 2011.  My other half, Jean-Paul, and I are getting pretty excited for the new arrival and thinking a great deal about how our life will shift.  As part of that preparation, I want to make sure that you are all aware of the change, my plans to return to work, and how I am putting things in place to ensure that you are very well taken care of in my absence.  I have already felt so incredibly well supported by many of you, and truly appreciate being able to have time to care for my family and myself. 

 My plan is to begin maternity leave as of January 1, 2011 and to return to my ND practice by March 21, 2011.  I will be having Dr. Elias Kass ND, LM cover my practice during the 8-10 weeks that I am home with my family, and will include his bio with this letter.  I am excited to have someone covering my practice that is dedicated to family practice, pediatrics, and is also incredibly experienced in the world of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and breastfeeding.  He is passionate about natural family care and very resourceful, and just an incredibly likeable person. 

 Dr. Elias will be covering office visits during my usual days and hours at the birth center, utilizing my online schedule, maintain the pager and on-call coverage, and will be available to you and your family by phone for questions and concerns.  The one change will be email availability during this short time period.  Even for brief questions, please do call Dr. Elias.  I will be back ‘online’ when I return in March. 

 To contact Dr. Elias in my absence:

  • Phone (206) 801-6316
  • Pager (206) 469-1482

 A few words from Dr. Elias…

Dr. Elias Kass, ND, LM, is excited to join the Eastside Natural Medicine community while Dr. Sunita is on maternity leave. Dr. Kass graduated from Bastyr University as a naturopathic doctor and midwife, and trained with a variety of naturopathic family and pediatric practices in Seattle, as well as with nurse midwives and pediatricians. While working in Vanuatu, he caught lots of babies, provided nursery care for sick and premature babies, and traveled to a remote volcanic island with a visiting Canadian physician to help out in the island’s hospital and treat patients in tiny jungle clinics. Here in Seattle, Dr. Kass owns his own naturopathic family practice, specializing in house calls. His volunteer work includes serving on the Board of Directors of the Midwives Association of Washington State, and running a summer camp clinic, where campers learn the joy of the neti pot and how to gargle salt water.  He enjoys working with babies, big kids, teens, and moms and dads, on all kinds of health issues and prevention goals. He specializes in breastfeeding and solid food transitions, and sleep strategies to fit the whole family. 

For more information about me and my practice, please visit:

For more information on Dr. Kass:

Seattle Vaccination Workshop

With naturopathic family physician & licensed midwife Dr. Sunita Iyer ND, LM and naturopathic family physician & licensed acupuncturist Dr. Michelle Obertacz ND, LAc

Confused about the vaccination schedule and how to make sense of it for your family?  Wondering how to evaluate your child’s and your family’s risk?

Thursday November 18, 2010 6:00pm-8:00pm Vaccination Workshop (Seattle)
We will review the current vaccine schedule, how to evaluate your family’s ‘risk’, public health vs. private health concerns, how to make educated decisions for your family that you can live with, and conventional and natural ways to address reactions. 
Rainbow Remedies, 409 15th Ave E., Seattle, 98112 (Capitol Hill, Seattle)

 How to Register:

Please email to register.  The maximum class enrollment is 20 participants.  

 The cost is $20 per person, which can be paid day-of, or via Pay Pal to or

We will provide the healthy snacks, handouts, and resources for more learning. 


To learn more about:  Dr. Sunita: and

Dr. Michelle: or