Postpartum ‘Must Haves’ That Have Nothing To Do With Buying Stuff

I would love to replace the typical birth registry of items that all new parents “need”. Instead, I want new parents to receive a different kind of checklist.  A checklist that would include ways to prepare for parenthood and postpartum that could actually help prevent postpartum depression, isolation, and suffering.  And yes, hand-me-downs would still be incredibly helpful! I have no doubt that baby swings and swaddle blankets have saved sanity and have probably saved lives. But if we are really concerned about healthy families and getting off to a good start, why don’t we talk more about what families … Continue reading Postpartum ‘Must Haves’ That Have Nothing To Do With Buying Stuff

What’s D got to do with me?

Vitamin D: why do we talk about it so much and what does it have to do with your winter time health? The way that our bodies make Vitamin D endogenously (on our own & without supplements) is through sun or UV exposure. If you can get outside for 15-60 minutes a day for some fresh air and sunshine, your body can start to make its own. However at the latitude of the PNW, we get next to nothing in the way of UV exposure in our winter months. And if you happen to be darker skinned and/or advanced in … Continue reading What’s D got to do with me?

Eastside Natural Medicine is making changes

Many of you have had the opportunity to be in the (relatively) new space in the last five months and not only are we staying put, we are expanding! Beginnning July 1st we will be taking over Suite 104 and with this expansion will come some new faces…. In addition to Eastside Natural Medicine and my practice, there will be another family practice naturopathic physcian, a nurse midwife and lactation consultant, a massage therapist, a reiki and energy pracitioner, and nutritionists. All of these wonderful people are ‘hand picked’ and I am excited to have them in one place to … Continue reading Eastside Natural Medicine is making changes

Love this story of a fit pregnant momma….

Check out the link to this story and pictures of how it is possible to stay active and fit while pregnant (albeit more active and fit than most of us!): Continue reading Love this story of a fit pregnant momma….

Strong Pelvic Floors and How to Get One

Hello! Today is my day to share the wisdom of other writers! I am passing along this link to an incredibly eye-opening interview regarding the true nature of a strong pelvic floor. Enjoy!   Continue reading Strong Pelvic Floors and How to Get One

Labor vs. Marathon

I spend a lot of time with women in visits talking about their overall health, nutrition, and exercise- and how important all three are in terms of healthy pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and lactation.  What I see is that women who keep their bodies healthy inside and out tend to have smoother, healthier pregnancies and postpartum recoveries.  However, in terms of the labor, it’s hard to prepare for what it will be like.  Being healthier gives you more stamina and strength, but it doesn’t mean you will get an easier, faster, or more straightforward labor.  A lot of that depends on … Continue reading Labor vs. Marathon

Drinking While Pregnant

Thought I would share this article from today’s New York Times: ‘Pregnant? Want a glass of wine? A study released today in The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health suggests that might be just fine. Using data from the Millennium Cohort Study in Britain, a data-rich look at 11,500 children born in the U.K. during the first two years of this century, researchers at University College in London concluded that the children of women who drank “lightly” — meaning up to one to two drinks a week — during pregnancy did no worse on cognitive tests at age 5 than … Continue reading Drinking While Pregnant

Upcoming Lectures

Hello!  I have finally selected some dates and times….. * Sunday May 2nd 1-3pm: Preconception Workshop at Maya Whole Health Studio in Fremont.  I will be co-presenting with Geraldine Lee LM, CPM.  Here is the link to the flyer: * Saturday May 22nd 10am-12pm: Food Introduction Basics and Allergy Prevention at the Puget Sound Birth Center in Kirkland.  I will be discussing how to approach food introduction consciously and hopefully without fear! * Saturday June 5th 10am-12pm: Vaccination Workshop at the Puget Sound Birth Center in Kirkland.  I will be discussing the current vaccine schedule and how to make … Continue reading Upcoming Lectures