About Dr. Sunita

I am one of those lucky ones that gets to do things that I enjoy and love. I am a guide, a teacher, and someone that will both cackle with laughter and cry with you. Sometimes at the same time 🙂

These days I am solely focused on my role as a teacher.  I have taught at Bastyr University since 2009, and in 2016 I shifted to teaching at the University of Washington Bothell, where I am now an Associate Teaching Professor.  I teach in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences to students joining the field of healthcare as nurses, health educators, and public health advocates.  As my role as an educator expands, I have stepped back from clinical care to make room for newer and dynamic physicians to grow and learn, and to pay forward the abundance that I have experienced over the last fifteen years.

As a midwife and a naturopathic physician, I enjoyed a bit of the ‘town doctor’ life.  Working with families to get healthy, have babies, parent, and age is just a snippet of what my practice entailed over the years.  My areas of clinical specialty are pediatrics, pregnancy and postpartum, and parenting; The 4 P’s. The area that has really piqued my interest from my clinical experience over 20+ years is perinatal and pediatric mental health.  You can find me speaking at conferences locally and nationally about stress, trauma, & mental health and the impact on providers and families alike. I really love to think about how our griefs shape us, and in some ways gift us with lives we never could have imagined.

My second ‘baby’ was Eastside Natural Medicine, the integrative clinic was dreamed up from what was originally my one-woman show.  It was an incredible labor, birth, and parenting process.  And I am really proud of what evolved: a family of providers who love what they do and love to care for your families.  While I miss and have deep regard for my time as full-time clinician and boss, I am thrilled to have skilled and caring people remain running the show as I stepped all the way aside.

I started this whole voyage after completing my undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago (’98) and my doctorate at Bastyr University (’08). In between, I worked for several years in a residential program in Boston, MA for pregnant and parenting teenage women. I can honestly say that those women, their children, and my mentors taught me more about myself, parenting, and our broken health care system than I may have ever learned. They have been and continue to be some of my best teachers; I carry those lessons into what I do each day with families and in the classroom.

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