Eastside Natural Medicine is making changes

Many of you have had the opportunity to be in the (relatively) new space in the last five months and not only are we staying put, we are expanding! Beginnning July 1st we will be taking over Suite 104 and with this expansion will come some new faces….

In addition to Eastside Natural Medicine and my practice, there will be another family practice naturopathic physcian, a nurse midwife and lactation consultant, a massage therapist, a reiki and energy pracitioner, and nutritionists. All of these wonderful people are ‘hand picked’ and I am excited to have them in one place to serve all of you. I will introduce them all to you more formally come July, their bios will appear on the Eastside Natural Medicine website, and there will be an Open House to meet everyone in person.

In addition to new practitioners, you will also get to know Chelsea and Micki, who will greet you, speak with you when you call, and generally help me keep the sailing smooth. There will also be a classroom onsite where we will be hosting parenting groups, breastfeeding drop-in clinics, craniosacral therapy drop-in clinics, family nutrition classes, and more.

Welcome to the next phase of Eastside Natural Medicine!
See you soon, Dr. S

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