Grief Work is Life Work

Got a chance to talk at the Breastfeeding Beyond the Hospital Stay conference this week in Seattle. No action shots this time😏



One of my favorite things to delve into right now is our secondary trauma as caring professionals. The grit and the sheer will that has to be part of our sustainability. And the burnout that often follows. .

Maybe it sounds grim. But this is what juicy to me right now. Watching my own rise and falter under stress, trauma, and grief. And doing exactly what my grandmother (one I never met as she died related to pregnancy loss) told me in a dream. “Your work is to heal the grief of our family.” .

I don’t even pretend to heal anyone else’s grief. But I hope that talking about it, saying it aloud, helps others do their work 💔💖

#griefworkislifework #griefworkismywork #traumacareforcaringpeople #wedontgetoutoffthislifealive

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