Student Mental Health & Faculty Resources

This page is a work in progress is more like a virtual notepad than a polished product. As I develop more resources, and re-format this page, it will continue to change and grow!

To use this page, simply click on the icons and they will take you to the app or website that contains yoga or breathing practices, meditations, or referrals to mental & emotional support resources or providers.

App with Meditation, Breathing, & Mindfulness Activities
Mindfulness, Breathing, & Meditation Activities App
A service that matches your needs with a provider to reduce the random chance of selecting a therapist
App with Meditation & Mindfulness Activities
How Instructors Can Support Student Mental & Emotional Health
Resources for Mental Health of Adults, Teens, & Kids
Reset Focus and Brain Function
Meditation App for and led by the BIPOC Community
Deep, Therapeutic Breathing & Meditation Videos
Free Yoga & Meditation Videos for All Levels