Podcasts and Videos

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Here are some links to podcasts and videos I have featured in. I have a few podcasts coming up this Summer and Fall of 2019, so keep checking back to see the new stuff!

Coming Soon on August 21st…I will be talking about Vaccinations. We will chat about the issues, controversies, and tips for decision making for parents. Check it out on The Well Man’s Podcast! @DrSunitaIyer @BBrozy @keoniteta

Next up: I will be chatting with Bryan Brozy @BBrozy and Keoni Teta @keoniteta about Circumcision and Childbirth in two separate segments. We will dig into some of the issues and how parents can start to frame their thinking and choices. Come join us!

Blasts From the Past…

Is Postpartum Depression an Estrogen Receptor Issue? (2019)

Fitness, Nutrition, and some Keto Komments (2018)

Perinatal Microbiome and the Postpartum Brain (2017)

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And you can check out my YouTube Channel! I share some of my class lectures here, as well as conference recordings. Enjoy!