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Here are some links to podcasts and videos I have featured in over the last few years!

K-12 Mental & Behavioral Health Initiative Promotional Trailer

This video is one of my latest creations and a short snippet of the work I have been doing all throughout the COVID pandemic alongside teaching at the University of Washington Bothell. In conjunction with a WA State school district and with legislative support my team and I created a 100% online mental and behavioral health “primer” series for teachers and educators to in response to the growing mental health challenges they are seeing, facing, and managing in school-aged kids.


Most recently I had a chance to sit with Abby Desjardien, a speech pathologist and sleep consultant, to talk about grief, living, and how to do all of it at the same time. Take a moment to listen to this episode of her new podcast, Things That Keep Us Up at Night, The Art of Living and Grieving with Dr. Sunita Iyer.


Check out Dr. John Neustadt’s Podcast on Postpartum Depression. I was featured in this podcast as a guest and expert to talk about what Postpartum Depression and Mood Disorders are, what it “looks like” #IRL, systemic and sociocultural challenges, and what support folks can do to recognize and be able hands in the game of Postpartum Double Dutch.
Listen here to join our discussion!


This Summer & Fall I joined fantastic and dynamic groups of BIPOC docs to talk about #ACES and Health, #Preventive Health & Screenings, #Sexual & Reproductive Health, #Pediatrics, and #The Fourth Trimester.
These panels are hosted by Dr. Safiya McCarter and Dr. Tursha’ Hamilton to center BIPOC docs, and give space and voice to people who have plenty of expertise but are often not regarded as Experts.
You can check out the FB Live/Zoom panels here (Dr. Safiya’s page) and here (Dr. Tursha’s page)
Tune in and let us know what you think!


I chatted with Bryan Brozy @BBrozy and Keoni Teta @keoniteta in Fall 2019 about (Natural) Childbirth. We will dug into some of the tough choices, the fear, the triumph, and what the heck to do with birth! Come join us @ The Well Man’s Podcast!
Here’s the Circumcision Episode (Summer 2019) with the good folks from The Well Man’s Podcast.
And…here’s the Vaccination episode (Summer 2019) on the The Well Man’s Podcast.


Blasts From the Past…

Is Postpartum Depression an Estrogen Receptor Issue? (May 2019)

Fitness, Nutrition, and some Keto Komments (Jan 2018)

Perinatal Microbiome and the Postpartum Brain (Sept 2017)

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And you can check out my YouTube Channel! I share some of my class lectures here, as well as conference recordings. Enjoy!