Working With Me

In 2019, I will resume with patient care in a way that allows me to create and maintain sustainability in my professional and personal life.  In addition, I will have greater opportunity to serve you and your community more fully in my areas of passion and expertise.

For now, I am currently on a sabbatical from clinical practice as I center my work around teaching and writing, and taking steps in clinical research related to integrative medicine and postpartum depression.  

Upon my return to clinical care, I will be specializing and focusing on my work with patients during preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, lactation, and perinatal mood disorders. Thus, I will be moving away from my role as a primary care provider.


The most important change is that I will no longer be ‘in-network’ with health care insurance companies.


Insurance companies have made major changes that affect how families are able to access care, especially the kind of care that I provide.  I am very grateful for that expanded access.  Simultaneously, the model of care that insurance coverage ‘rewards’ involves: shorter visits, more people seen per day, more procedures, more documentation, and less counseling or teaching to meet the demands of ever-increasing overhead.

This has felt antithetical to my reasons and passion for being in my specialty of clinical care for far too long.  What I love about my work, and what my patients love about working with me, is having time to connect, problem solve, and work in partnership to help you set sail in your life and well-being.  What I want from the care that I provide to you is the ability to be connected, thorough, and flexible.  Moving to an out-of-network arrangement allows for our work to be all of these things.

What Next?

Without the bounds and limitations of insurance coverage, we can create our care arrangement exactly how we please.  It can be tailored to your needs, time zone, and even allow for questions related to parent and child to be answered all at once!

Our visits can be in-person, as well as remotely by video or telephone call.  I will be accepting full payment for our visit prior to the start time (see below for Fee Schedule). You can utilize Health Savings or Flex Spending Accounts to cover the cost of our work together.

Following our visit, I will make a receipt or superbill available to you so that you may submit it to your insurance company, receive reimbursement for some or all of the cost of your care, and/or have the documentation for tax purposes.

My colleagues at Eastside Natural Medicine will remain ‘in network’ and are thrilled to be able to continue offering care as participating, contracted providers to meet your needs.

Fee Schedule 2019

(tentative & subject to change)

  • Initial Consultation for New Patients (60-75 minutes): $295
  • Follow-up Consultation for Established Patients (45 minutes): $185
  • Follow-up Consultation for Established Patients (30 minutes): $160
  • 5-Visit Pre-Pay Option: $850
  • 10-Visit Pre-Pay Option: $1650
  • Detailed Email/Portal treatment clarification: $60

Pregnancy & Postpartum Program (more details to come…)

pregnant person

My plans below will include: one 60-minute visit each Trimester (3 total) & two 60-minute postpartum visits (2 total).  The Comprehensive Plan will also include one (1) detailed email follow-up after each visit.

They will not replace the maternity care that you are receiving, and are designed to be a companion that deepens your learning and engagement.  

Both plans will include handouts, videos, resource guides, and access to my full library of materials.  Any additional visits and/or services will be subject to the fees listed above.

  • Pregnancy Partnership- Basic: $1200
  • Pregnancy Partnership- Comprehensive: $1500
  • Birth Attendance as Labor Support: $2500

The mission with these plans and this style of care is to honor my commitment and belief that every family deserves a midwife.  It may not always be possible given comfort levels, health concerns, or perceived risk.  But it is always my intention for families to have access to care that is individualized, attentive to the fears and hopes of pregnancy and parenting, and is distinctly grounded in the concept of Informed Choice .

This blog post that I wrote in 2015 depicts what it is like to be held in midwifery care as an incoming or new parent.   Read on and learn more about what I do and why.  

How Do I Use My Insurance for Out-of-Network Care?

If you are hoping to utilize your insurance benefits to cover some or all of the cost of your care with me, I will provide the paperwork necessary for you to recuperate some or all of your costs.  Here are some questions that you will want to ask your insurance company that provides your health care benefits:

  • Do I have naturopathic coverage?
  • Do I have out-of-network benefits?
  • What is my co-pay or co-insurance for visits with out-of-network providers (to better estimate your out-of-pocket cost)?
  • Does my plan cover “telemedicine” or “telehealth” visits?