What Am I Up To?

What Am I Up To?

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I have been stepping back over the last two years from clinical practice.  During my time away, I centered my work around teaching at the University of Washington Bothell as an Assistant Teaching Professor in the School of Nursing & Health Sciences and Adjunct Faculty at Bastyr University, writing, and presenting in different forums like conferences and podcasts. I really love teaching and will be sticking with it for awhile…

Over the last year I have worked collaboratively with faculty members at UWB on creating mental and behavioral health curriculum for healthcare providers.  You can check out what we have labored and birthed here at: https://www.uwb.edu/healthstudies/behavioral-health

Additionally, I have been working closely with educators and administrators, as well as a fantastic faculty and advisory team, as the Chair of a K-12 Initiative, to help co-create mental and behavioral health curriculum for elementary school educators, paraeducators, and others involved in the care and education of young kids.  These two projects have been thrilling to be part of, an incredible vehicle for my creative and generative energy, and a fascinating integration of all my years of working closely with mental health, pediatric health, and organizational and project leadership.  

What Else?  

  • I have been working on videos and podcasts with colleagues, speaking at conferences, and sometimes just making teaching videos for my students.  You can check out my Podcasts & Videos here on my site.  
  • I am finally getting to work on that book that many of you have encouraged me to write!  Not surprisingly, it is about postpartum, grief, and storytelling.  I will keep you posted as it evolves!

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