In an effort to walk my talk

“One Minute is Better Than Zero Minutes.”

I say that often, probably every day.  And I believe it.  There are articles out there that discuss the cumulative effect of meditation or prayer, exercise, healthier eating, and even sleep.  But that isn’t the only reason why I believe it and say it.

The goal for myself and the people I see each day is not a matter of A+B+C= better health later.  I want people to feel a little bit better, smile a bit more, and enjoy everything they have going on in their lives a bit more each day.  Even when it’s crazy, full, busy, or whatever other word we use to describe our lives that also chips away at our appreciation of it.

What if the tasks we set ourselves are actually out of reach or are not sustainable?  What if that 60-minute meditation or 10,000 steps are just not going to happen today?  Well, now the day is crazy AND we didn’t do the thing we were supposed to do to relax and de-stress.  Fail.

But what if it was attainable and sustainable?  Truly, we could do one minute.  And some days we might get a few more.  Could we feel successful?  How would it change our days to feel successful in doing something to care for ourselves?

I am in my office 12 hours a day and doing anything for myself isn’t going to happen unless it happens at work.  So I play around with things that make me feel like a self-care ninja.  I feel like I am cheering on my one year-old self.  Amazingly enough, they help with my mental energy and my overall feeling about how my day went.  It is often really simple stuff:

  • I take the long way around the office and grab a glass of water
  • I lay out on my floor and stretch for 1 minute
  • I do a plank for as long as I can
  • I walk out the back door and breathe a bit of fresh air
  • I eat a carrot instead of a dark chocolate peanut butter cup

What can you do in your day to secretly engage in a bit of self-care and be successful now?  Let me know what you come up with!  Take care, Dr. S


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