Flossing…not just a dance move

You have probably been reprimanded, just as I have, by your hygienist and dentist to floss more.  The reasoning that we are often given is that it helps agitate and dislodge the tartar and plaque buildup, reduces the resulting and/or ongoing inflammation in your gums, and reduces the chances of gum disease.  All seems pretty true to me.  If you leave crusty crap bumping up against soft tissue, the tissue is going to get angry.

What might not be part of the discussion is that flossing is also preventive for some downstream effects that we might not associate with it.  For example, blood sugar irregularities, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.  Again, it all seems pretty true to me.  If you leave angry tissue captured in your body, and especially in the entry point to your entire digestive tube (think: end to end), it’s going rogue, right?

Check out this article for more details: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/flossing-inflammation-blood-sugar-balance

And really, just floss

PS- Yes, I am a total cornball.  Consequences of being a mom to a 7 yo 🙂

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