Midwifing the Midwife

It goes without saying that there are dozens of people who make it possible for midwives to be there for families.  And it’s not just being able to pick up where we leave off.  It’s continuing to be on even when we return home and to work without sleep and still drifting between reality and the surreality of birth.  Despite carrying our own special streaks of wildness and independence, we must live humbly in community as it is impossible to survive without.

Our partners, kids, parents, extended families, friends and ‘framily,’ and co-workers don’t always love the life they have unwittingly walked into with us.  That wildness and independence is at once captivating and overwhelming, even for us midwives.

This article reminds me again how intensely grateful I am.  Thank you.  http://www.mothering.com/articles/married-to-the-midwife/


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