Identity and Being All Things

At times it seems like our world is hyperfocused on identity. As if we were ever just one thing.  Some days, I have more labels than I care for .  duality

American.  Indian.  Person of Color.   Woman.  Mother.  Partner.  Daughter.  Sister.  Working parent.  Fierce friend. Heteronormative. Doctor. Midwife.  Teacher. Writer. Witch.  Outspoken.  Boss. Bitch.

They are not just names, but roles and ways of showing up in the world.  Some are chosen, some assigned by others.  But ultimately ways of being seen, heard, and having an existence carved out.

Inhabiting space.

Those labels and roles can also feel like work.  Heavy and straining, rather than freeing or illuminating. How can one person be so many things to so many people?  How can so many different people inhabit one person?

In truth, we are much more pliable and adaptable than we think.  Some of these roles are our backbone, some are more like jewelry.  Some really hold us up, others make us look good.  All of them help us step out and show up.

I think a lot about grit and resilience.  What makes some of us able to bear the weight and keep walking, and others to falter or collapse altogether?  What does it mean to be resilient?

Perhaps some of these roles and labels are part of being and becoming resilient.  The more roles we play, the more diversified our skill set.  The more directions in which we are tugged, the more nimble our footwork.

And perhaps resilience is creating a life where these roles and labels can all be present and true, and they are neither burdensome nor fracturing.  Like subatomic particles that push and pull on one another, but ultimately take their place and contribute to the integrity and design of something whole and complete.

#inhabitspace #bemagnetic #resilience

subatomic particle

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