Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula

Many of you have heard and even asked about the ‘recall’ of Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula.  It is carried locally in the Seattle area at PCC and Whole Foods, and recently PCC removed it from the shelves. 

After a chat with PCC to clarify the ‘recall’, I wanted to confirm with you that it was not taken off the shelves for safety reasons.  The company (Earth’s Best) had changed some of the ingredients, and these new ingredients were apparently not USDA Certified Organic.  Thus, to be compliant with their own labeling, the company actually enacted a ‘voluntary recall’ until the issue can be resolved. 

It appears that they are awaiting certfication of these new ingredients.  Then the product will be compliant with its own labeling, and PCC can put it back on the shelves.

Take care, Dr. S

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