Two Cheers for Turmeric!

I had to share this story…

My crafty other half, Jean-Paul, decided to make a concrete tabletop for our patio table.  In addition to being able to whip up structures out of seemingly nothing, he has a strong aesthetic sense.  He went hunting around the house for some color with which to tint the concrete table, and laid his eyes upon a large container of turmeric. 

He mixed it into the concrete, which normally cures in 6 hours.  24 hours later, on a sunny patio, the concrete is uncured and barely more firm than when he mixed it together!  He figured it was the turmeric…

Concrete requires heat to cure and solidify, and the process itself can generate heat.  However, turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory and is constitutionally ‘cooling’.  In essence, the turmeric seems to have prevented the heating effect required for the concrete to cure!  As medicine, turmeric is cooling to our inflamed joints, digestive tract, and immune systems.  It has potent bioflavonoids that act against the ‘curing’ or stagnation that may occur in our bodies which contributes to the aging and disease process. 

Who says herbs don’t work?!

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