Seattle & King County Vaccine Exemption

This is an update to the current law that allows for immunization exemptions for children who are un- or under-vaccinated per the recommended vaccine schedule.  It does not take away the ability to send your kiddos to school here if they have not received any vaccines or have beenvaccinated on an alternative schedule, but you will need to have the exemption certified by your pediatric provider or family doctor. 

Senate Bill 5005 deals specifically with school and licensed child care immunization exemptions. Prior to this legislation, parents only needed to sign a Certificate of Exemption (COE) to excuse their children from immunization requirements, whether for medical, religious, philosophical, or personal reasons. Medical exemptions also needed a provider signature. The new law, effective July 22, 2011, adds the following conditions to the exemption requirements:
 To exempt their children from immunizations, parents must now get a health care provider’s signature on the COE verifying that the parent has received information on the benefits and risks of immunization.
 A signed letter from an MD, ND, ARNP, PA, or DO can substitute for a provider‐signed COE.
 Providers signing the COE in good faith are immune from civil liability.
 Parents/guardians who claim membership in a church or religious body whose belief system excludes seeking medical treatment from health care providers will not need the additional provider signature.
 Copies of the COE and provider letters are acceptable.

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