Talking a bit more about what I do, where I have been, and where I would like to go…

One of the things we like to do at the University of Washington Bothell and in the School of Nursing & Health Studies is to highlight what folks are working on. It is hard when professors are teaching, doing research, writing, and also living their good lives to connect with each other on what we are passionate about. Or what brought us to this work and continues to drive us. I find out new things all the time about my colleagues and I love it! Just the other day in a meeting we had a chance to share what instruments we play (I am back to trying out my guitar and quite terribly!), our love of the mountains, being new or old to climbing, and how long since it has been since we went skiing!

So I appreciated the opportunity to share in our school newsletter a little bit more about myself for the school and campus community, and for some of you too!

If you are interested in reading a little more, check it out here 🙂