Looking to Learn More About the COVID Vaccine?

If you are genuinely interested in learning about the vaccine because you are #undecided or #vaccinehesitant, the linked article is for you. If you have decided that the vaccine is a vehicle for government surveillance, but are reading this on a discoverable device that connects to the Internet, you will likely not find what you are looking for here or in the article.

As Naturopathic Physicians we honor Preventive Medicine; vaccines are part of the prevention of community and individual disease that could cause more harm than the intervention itself. Additionally we honor Wholism, and in that vein, we take the individual and their shells of influence into account.

We are never solely alone; we exist in our micro and macro environments simultaneously. In tending to preventive, wholistic medicine, being considerate of the health, well-being, distress, and sickness of our community is integral to our own ability and opportunity to be well.

It is natural to be hesitant or even ask questions about whether something is right for you. Curious, dedicated learners helped to create the COVID vaccines; be a dedicated, curious learner too.

The COVID Choice – NDs For Vaccines