Natural Mom & Baby Event

Come join me for this special event at Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy in Redmond, WA designed to address common concerns of Eastside moms and babes. In addition to presenting one of the seminars, I will be available to meet-and-greet if you have any questions afterwards! Schedule of events: 11am-3pm Enjoy complimentary… – 15-minute consultations with a health practitioner (advance sign up required) – Free Samples – Child health seminars: • 10-11am | Learn How to Boost Your Child’s Immune • 12-1pm | Natural Remedies for Allergies • 3-4pm | DHA’s & Brain Health Please visit for location and contact information.  Hope … Continue reading Natural Mom & Baby Event

STI’s in Seattle

(Originally posted on my website on 7-1-09) According to Forbes in 2007, Seattle was the fourth Most Lustful city in the country.  Of course they figured this out by tracking nationwide contraceptive purchases, which doesn’t truly paint the whole picture.  What that tells us is that Seattlites buy more condoms than folks in many other cities around the country.  But what else does it tell us about Seattle’s sexual health?  Seattle has also been heralded as one of the most educated (or over-educated, depending on your perspective) cities in the country.  Perhaps that level of education has more to do … Continue reading STI’s in Seattle

Postpartum Relationship Management

(Originally posted on my website 6-1-09) Your beautiful baby is now eight weeks old and precious.  Truly, everything is going well, except that you are incredibly sleep deprived and your partner misses you terribly.  The last time you strolled to Cafe Fiore and down the Golden Garden stairs together, you were in labor…And now it’s time for “relationship management.”  It is normal for sex to be undesirable, scary, or the furthest thing from your mind in the postpartum period.  There is actually a physiological and evolutionary purpose behind your feelings.  The hormones that govern breastfeeding, prolactin and oxytocin, actually suppress … Continue reading Postpartum Relationship Management