Another round of applause for Probiotics…

Did you know that nearly 60% of your immune system lives in your digestive tract?  And that the more stockpiled and protected your digestive tract is by ‘good’ bacteria, the better your immune system can function?  These are the reasons your doc may be asking you to take probiotics (supplements that contain strains of live, ‘good’ bacteria) for your colds, allergies, digestive ailments, or even pre- and post-immunization. Check out this article to find out more about how it can reduce time and severity of your colds this season: – Dr. Sunita Continue reading Another round of applause for Probiotics…

Bacteria are our worse enemies…or our best friends?

It’s not really news.  In fact, many of you probably take a probiotic, eat some yogurt or kefir, or use fermented foods in your diet because you know that ‘good bacteria’ is great for the digestion and immune system.  Maybe you have seen the benefits in your or your child’s own life and health or hope to. Healthy microbes are an essential part of a healthy immune system, as much of our immune tissue resides in our digestive tract.  This is so that we can identify the things that may do us harm right when it enters our body and … Continue reading Bacteria are our worse enemies…or our best friends?

Check out this blog post regarding Cesarean sections and childhood obesity…. This is not about demonizing mothers who have ended up with or elected a Cesarean section.  I see this as an opportunity to be aware of challenges on the horizon for a newborn and growing child, and what we can do to mitigate some of the potentially lasting effects. Continue reading

Acetominophen Use and Asthma

Acetaminophen increases the risk of childhood asthma. THE INVESTIGATOR Dr. John T. McBride, Akron Children’s Hospital. The sharp worldwide increase in childhood asthma over the past 30 years has long perplexed researchers, who have considered explanations as varied as improved hygiene and immunizations. Over the last decade, however, a new idea has emerged. The asthma epidemic accelerated in the 1980s, some researchers have noted, about the same time that aspirin was linked to Reye’s syndrome in children. Doctors stopped giving aspirin to children with fevers, opting instead for acetaminophen. In a paper published in The Annals of Allergy and Asthma … Continue reading Acetominophen Use and Asthma

Hyland’s Teething Tablets are back!

For all of the parents who found Hyland’s Teething Tablets to be incredibly effective in reducing your little one’s discomfort from teething, the tablets are finally back. For newcomers, homeopathic preparations of substances are incredibly dilute (almost not detectable), gentle, and a great way to avoid repeated doses of over-the-counter fever reducers like Acetominophen or Ibuprofen which can be hard on a little one’s liver and kidneys. For more information from the manufacturer regarding the recall and the new product, please visit: And for more information on me and my practice, please visit:   Continue reading Hyland’s Teething Tablets are back!

Vaccination Workshop Feedback

We had a good time last week at the Vaccination Workshop and I feel very grateful for all of the people who came armed with fabulous questions and a challenging discussion! Thank you! Please do take some time to fill out the feedback form or email me directly at to let me know what you liked best and the least, or what your interests are for future discussions on vaccination. Continue reading Vaccination Workshop Feedback

September Vaccination Workshop

I am currently planning to offer the Vaccination Workshop this fall on Thursday September 29th from 6:30-8:30pm at Herban Wellness in Kirkland, WA (  In the past this workshop has been a great way to make sense of and discuss the current vaccination recommendations, the concepts of public vs private health, and ways for families to prepare and make decisions regarding this controversial topic.  To register, please email me at  The cost per person will be $15 or $25 per pair/couple and will include handouts, resources, snacks, and beverages.  The workshop will be limited to 12 participants to ensure … Continue reading September Vaccination Workshop

Seattle & King County Vaccine Exemption

This is an update to the current law that allows for immunization exemptions for children who are un- or under-vaccinated per the recommended vaccine schedule.  It does not take away the ability to send your kiddos to school here if they have not received any vaccines or have beenvaccinated on an alternative schedule, but you will need to have the exemption certified by your pediatric provider or family doctor.  NEW STATE LAW ON IMMUNIZATION EXEMPTIONS Senate Bill 5005 deals specifically with school and licensed child care immunization exemptions. Prior to this legislation, parents only needed to sign a Certificate of … Continue reading Seattle & King County Vaccine Exemption

Two Cheers for Turmeric!

I had to share this story… My crafty other half, Jean-Paul, decided to make a concrete tabletop for our patio table.  In addition to being able to whip up structures out of seemingly nothing, he has a strong aesthetic sense.  He went hunting around the house for some color with which to tint the concrete table, and laid his eyes upon a large container of turmeric.  He mixed it into the concrete, which normally cures in 6 hours.  24 hours later, on a sunny patio, the concrete is uncured and barely more firm than when he mixed it together!  He figured … Continue reading Two Cheers for Turmeric!